The Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise (TAASE), based at the University of South Australia, is working with steroid Australia community service organizations across Australia to track and identify pressure points to address the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Community Services Sector Snapshot Survey

The Australian Alliance for Social Enterprise (TAASE) at the University of South Australia conducted three snapshot surveys between March and May 2020 to explore the experiences of the community services sector in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. one or more surveys. Thank you to all who participated in one or more of the surveys.

For those interested in the findings, a brief report is available from the researchers (contact: [email protected]). During the study period, it was found that the community sector experienced significant challenges in maintaining service delivery and, in some cases, meeting the needs of new client groups. However, organizations demonstrated flexibility and resilience, with many adopting innovative new forms of service delivery.

This is a promising sign for future service improvements and the sector’s ability to cope with the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

Our time-series survey is currently on pause as the situation is in flux in different states and regions and the primobolan is fluctuating widely. We wish all our colleagues well, especially in Victoria, where the situation remains challenging.

Changing concerns as the pandemic progresses

Results from the third COVID-19 Community Sector Snapshot show that concerns continue to evolve as the immediate health threat from the pandemic abates and the broader impact of the lockdown response becomes clearer. Initial analysis of the qualitative data revealed changing patterns over time. The third wave of the survey identified the emergence of “alarming

Tracking Client Acute Needs – Entering the Eye of the Storm?

The third bi-weekly snapshot of the COVID-19 Community Snapshot is now available. The third bi-weekly snapshot of the COVID-19 Community Snapshot has been released. It is clear that the community services sector is changing due to concerns about the appropriate need for PPE and other COVIDs.

Snapshot 1 – Initial Indicators and Initial Considerations

Snapshot 2 is now available.COVID-19 received a very large number of responses to the first of our bi-weekly Community Sector Surveys. We received responses from senior leaders and line managers in the community services sector in all Australian states and territories. Responses were also received from a diverse range of urban, rural, and remote areas. Steroid npp qualitative data is still under investigation.