Category: Hormones & Peptides
Package: 1 pen of 36IU
Substance: Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
Manufacturer: Pfizer/El Lilly


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ヒト成長ホルモン – HGH 36IU

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  1. Ethan Freed

    This is my first-time using Human Growth Hormone. And for me HGH 36IU is awesome! Much more vascular requires less sleep, recovers quicker, and best of all, has no side effects similar to those of testosterone. In the future, we’ll unquestionably use more HGH and less testing. The effects of HGH 36IU are awesome and it’s definitely a great product for us.

  2. Ellsworth Villa

    I started taking this when I learned that HGH 36IU Human Growth Hormone, which my doctor had actually recommended for me, combines well with it (and/or GHRP-2) I began taking 100mcg of each every day, and I haven’t stopped yet. My pituitary gland is being activated, and I can feel my body releasing HGH as a result. It produces a brief, all-over tingle as a sign that it is functioning. Although this effect is minor and doesn’t persist for more than a month, it does aid to enhance the appetite for all of you seeking to eat more calories. According to what I’ve read, if you cycle it, you always have more appetite at first before it goes away. Overall, the result is a feeling of well-being, the release of HGH, and even an increase in hunger.

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